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The bar also stocks more than 80 beers from around the world, while the kitchen knocks out deli boards and nibbles such as homemade Scotch eggs and falafel, along with its signature hanging kebabs and pub grub classics. Read More The Cellar, Altrincham (Photo: Darren Pepe) Launched last night, this late night cocktail and wine bar is another welcome addition to Altrincham's growing Market Quarter. It's been opened by the team behind West Didsbury bar The Drawing Room, who are promising to bring the best cocktails in town to Shaws Road. Read More The Surgery, Urmston The Surgery, Urmston (Photo: Carla Speight) Opened at the end of March inside an old doctors' surgery, this new restaurant and bar is another boost to Urmston's flourishing food and drink scene. Diners can look forward to pizzas from the wood-fired oven, steaks, burgers and sliders. It's also family friendly, with a children's menu for little ones to choose from. Read More Roxy Ball Room, Manchester city centre One of Roxy Ball Room's existing sites (Photo: Publicity Image) Pool and ping pong palace Roxy Ball Room opens in Manchester on April 27 with four days of free games over the bank holiday weekend ( register here ). The Deansgate venue will boast a UV ping pong room, as well as two VIP rooms and a tournament room, which can all be booked by the hour for private groups of up to 60. Players can also look forward to an indie playlist, craft beers, cocktails, pizza, burgers and beer pong.

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